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Well, we are moving to Surrey, so I can take up my new job. It is getting a bit stressful at the moment trying to finish off lectures and tie up loose ends and then pack as well. J. originally wanted to move at Easter but I sort of “convinced” him that we should do it before my job starts which is the 1st March. This means that I have to take the brunt of packing (which I have to admit I’m not entirely good at!). However, as he is down in London during the week it does mean that I have to pick up the slack.

I actually don’t think I mind packing but then J. reminded I had to clean as well – otherwise we may lose a bit of our deposit I hate cleaning!!! Well not completely hate but had only psyched myself up to pack and now cleaning has been thrown into the mix it is making me feel stressed. I guess I just need to make a list of things to get done and just do it. I think also because I have things in my job that is occupying my mind it is making it difficult to think about packing as the job always seem more important than the things at home.

Well, here are some of the things I need to get done – maybe if I write it down it would not feel so bad:

  1. Wipe the walls (i.e. smudges from handprints etc.)
  2. Clean the fridge (well need to defrost as well but could do superficial clean)
  3. Trim loose threads on sofa cushions
  4. Wash sofa covers
  5. Take off all the blu-tack from the walls
  6. Mop the floors
  7. Vacuum the carpets
  8. Clean downstairs toilet and sink
  9. Clean upstairs bath and sink
  10. Pack up all lose books and papers
  11. Pack the food from kitchen cupboards
  12. Pack the non-essential clothing
  13. Pack other clothing
  14. Pack dressing table (jewellery etc.)
  15. Throw out the destroyed hula-hoops
  16. Take out the fairy lights from plant
  17. Pack laundry!

It doesn’t look like that much – just need to get it done now :D. Most of it is general cleaning which I can do in 2-3 hours if I put my mind to it …

I think tomorrow when I get home, I’ll work on packing the laundry, taking the fairy lights out, packing up the dressing table and cleaning the blu-tack from the walls!



I'm originally from Trinidad and Tobago and have lived in Guyana and St. Vincent. I'm presently living in the UK. I'm a lecturer in Higher Education at the University of Surrey and have worked at the Open University and Liverpool Hope University. I'm interested in higher education issues, particularly with respect to teaching, migration, student outcomes and STEM education.

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