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True Personality Test: Builder/ Explorer

So, was watching tv this afternoon (came home early after a completely horrid day – never mind that …) and I saw the advert for that they had a new personality test. So decided I had to go try it (because I like doing tests!). So resurrected my old username and password for and got to doing my personality test (I was surprised my profile was still there – I just fill too many internet profiles for my own good!). Got to say it is pretty accurate.

They classify me as a BUILDER/ explorer (Builder being my major personality and explorer being my minor personality).

Here’s the meaning of these two personalities (I’ll highlight which is true):

Builder, 28%: Usually very popular. Deep attachment to home and family. Calm demeanour and low anxiety. Often consistent, loyal and protective.

Explorer, 27%: Known for high energy, high creativity and spontaneity. Seeks novelty, risk and pleasure. Intellectually curious and not easily swayed by opinion.

But that was just the general categories. Here is what they said about my personality – and I got to say it does reflect a lot about me (I’ll highlight the bits I think are very true!).

You are popular, trustworthy and dependable. People like you for many reasons; but among them you tend to be stable, loyal and caring and you have a wonderful knack for common sense.

You are a guardian. Your relationships with friends, kin and colleagues are important to you. So you spend time and energy developing and defending these social networks.

You are a good executive and manager. People almost instinctively feel you can supervise financial, business and social issues effectively. And because you are sensible and factual, you can.

You work hard. You like schedules. You are detail oriented. And you tend to respect traditions. So you bring strength and stability to your social and business environments.

Yet you admire people who are spontaneous and you enjoy new and different ideas and experiences, as long as they are not dangerous. Respectability and appropriateness are important to you. And you are capable of deep, solid friendships.



I'm originally from Trinidad and Tobago and have lived in Guyana and St. Vincent. I'm presently living in the UK. I'm a lecturer in Higher Education at the University of Surrey and have worked at the Open University and Liverpool Hope University. I'm interested in higher education issues, particularly with respect to teaching, migration, student outcomes and STEM education.

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