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Get your bananas ready …

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Your fair-trade bananas that is! Tomorrow from noon to Saturday noon (GMT time), a new record is trying to be set. The record is the number of fair trade bananas that could be eaten in 24 hrs!

Now, you don’t have to eat a tonne of bananas, you just have to eat one and tell the fair-trade foundation that you have :). Or you can just tell me – and I would send it in to them :D.

So, have you got your banana ready – I have mine!

As a side note:Yes, I know this blog-post would have ended nice and punchy with the last line – but I just like adding my personal experience and making these posts more boring than they should 😀 … just want to say that I always buy fair-trade … not because I’m really huge into it – but because I always buy Caribbean bananas (I got to support my region!) – and they just happen to be fairly traded. Besides there is this lady at church who makes sure we know all about fair-trade and she is promoting this event … :).

I love Caribbean bananas … the variety is Cavendish – the best banana in the world (well, it is the only variety people in the UK is most likely to get). I used to get it when I lived in St. Vincent … when I moved the Guyana had a similar variety called Cayenne and then in Trinidad a slightly different variety which is called Gros Michel.



I'm originally from Trinidad and Tobago and have lived in Guyana and St. Vincent. I'm presently living in the UK. I'm a lecturer in Higher Education at the University of Surrey and have worked at the Open University and Liverpool Hope University. I'm interested in higher education issues, particularly with respect to teaching, migration, student outcomes and STEM education.

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