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So, a few days ago I decided to move my blog where I had it in Tripod. A couple of years ago I was quite happy to stay with tripod as it was where my webpage was and so everything was integrated. And although it didn’t have multiple categories to file posts I was still quite happy with it. However, as blogs have moved on I’ve become quite unhappy with it. Since I had the free blog, it meant I had adverts on my page both as pop-ups and in-page ads. Further, the RSS feed for the basic blog only gave the topic and not the content as well, that meant subscribers of my blog (alright so it is mostly my friends – but still!) had to visit my blog in order to see if it was a worthy post. Further, since my webpage only had a 20 MB space (which included my blog), I couldn’t post pictures, so my blog was quite low tech – which was a shame since I’m into technology. Further, it had no search facility which really would have come in handy in my other blog which is my research blog.

Anyway, so I began looking around at blogs. I really quite wanted Blogger because it had everything I wanted: search boxes, tags and categories. Further, I could have edited my templates, and I wanted to maintain the “Now playing” and “Mood” feature I had in tripod – because I think they set the mood for a post quite nicely – and although I hadn’t fully explored it, I think there might have been a way to edit a template to have those things. However, the one drawback of Blogger which made me discard it was that it didn’t allow personal/ private entries. And I needed that for both my blogs when I was talking about something to do with my data or just personal stuff. Blogger, however, could only allow either a private blog or a public blog – so that quite didn’t suit my purpose. Since in the private blog you had to invite persons to read your blog and I personally quite like ‘strange’ people reading my blogs. So, that was a no go.

I also looked at Livejournal. Livejournal was somewhat similar in looks to Tripod – which made it a bit dated looking. But was willing to go on it, because it had the “Now playing” and “Mood” feature. Although, it provided a tagging feature as well and private entries, one of the major drawbacks was that it didn’t have a search box feature on the blog. The search box feature was for the entire community of livejournal. Therefore, I didn’t see any huge advantage in moving from tripod to Livejournal.

Well, I also investigated WordPress – and although I had explored it a few months ago when I was thinking of moving of my blog, I never did it – I guess I wasn’t sufficiently irritated with tripod as I am right now – I guess you could say I reached my breaking point. WordPress had everything I wanted: search box, multiple categories, tagging and private entries. Additionally, it had the 3GB space. However, even with all of this I was still dithering whether to move my blog or not, because it didn’t have the “Now playing” and “Mood feature”. You couldn’t edit your templates or anything like that without paying and I’m too cheap to pay for anything that is being offered for free on the internet. Besides, as I understood it, once you’ve edited your template in order to maintain that template or keep it you’ve got to keep paying, because once you don’t renew you’ll revert back to the original. So, I didn’t see myself committing to such a long time period/ plan.

Anyway, I looked up some wordpress blogs to see if they had any “Now playing” or “Mood feature”, and the person who does the animassimo blog , says he just types it in. So, decided that wasn’t too bad and would try to do it, although I’m really not so good at remembering it – but we’ll see how it goes.


I'm originally from Trinidad and Tobago and have lived in Guyana and St. Vincent. I'm presently living in the UK. In my spare time I like travelling, taking walks along the parks here in Milton Keynes, going to cinema (lots of cinema) ...

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